A weekend in Lucca, a beautiful town in Tuscany

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Tuscany is one of the most famous travel destinations in Italy: good wine, picturesque towns, and incredible artwork.  I can write a thousand pages about how beautiful Tuscany is but this post is dedicated to a beautiful town called Lucca. I will explain to you why it is worth putting Lucca in your itinerary, especially if you doing a tour in Tuscany.


How did I end up visiting Lucca? Well, it wasn’t actually on my bucket list, but the opportunity came when my favorite singer Robbie Williams announced his summer tour in Italy. One of his concerts would be held in Lucca, so I quickly bought the tickets and planned a short city break.

In the begging, I couldn’t understand why a celebrity would choose a tiny town to have a concert but then I realized the reason: the city is a perfect hidden gem!

What you should know before visiting:

teixi tis Louka

  • The town is still inside its mediavial walls. In other words, if you want to enter the town, you have to pass through the walls. That step make me feel like a medieval princess, haha!
  • Locals use their bicycles a lot, so be careful and keep your eyes open.
  • Do you like classical music? If you do so, you have to know that is Puccini’s birthplace.
  • They call it «città delle cento chiese» , meaning  «city of one hundrend churches»
  • There are a lot of tourists, but still is less crowded than Florence or Rome. There are a lot of americans, french and of course italians.


i poli Louka stin Italia

Lucca is very close to Florence, so if you have plenty of time you can do a one day trip from the famous Renaissance city.  The distance from Lucca to Florence is 78 km, 1 hour by car, or 1,5/2 hours by train. A round-way ticket will cost you around 15 euros but are also cheapest ways to travel to Lucca. For example, you can get a bus or try a carsharing option like BlaBlaCar.

Lucca is not well connected to Rome, so if you are coming from the Eternal city, you have to do why I did: Rome-Florence, Florence-Lucca. 


The city has a lot of touristic spots but of course I couldn’t see them all in just a weekend. So these are the best things to do in Lucca, according to my opinion:

#1. DUOMO DI SAN MARTINO  (the cathedral)

Duomo di San Martino, Lucca, Italy
Duomo di San Martino

A fabulous sample of the city architectonic is the Duomo di San Martino. It looks a lot like Pisa’s Duomo, but what stands out is the facade: if you look closely the picture above you will find the churches’ asymmetry.



Piazza San Michele in Foro
San Michele in Foro

San Michele in Foro is another church that you have to visit in Lucca. You can find it in the town’s main square close to beautiful cafes and restaurants.


Amfiteatro Lucca

“Piazza Amfiteatro” is a circle square, a symbol of the city. You can find many too many restaurants and cafes.


Piazza Amfiteatro, Louka, Italia


Steno sti poli Louka stin Toskani

The city has many beautiful alleys and nice shops to visit.

magazi sti louka

The locals are very relaxed and the vibes of the town are very calm. The best thing to do is not running from one sight to another, but better take a nice ice-cream…
pagoto stin italia

..drink something fresh like Kinoto, an Italian non-alcoholic soft drink 

kinoto italiko poto

and live for the monent!


The town is very romantic and pitoresque so if you think about staying in a big hotel, forget about it. I stayed a beautiful apartment in the city’s center Loft Οlivia . It is very cheap, clean and the hosts are very kind.


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