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Moments ago, you booked tickets with Ryanair to Rome, congratulations! The next steps will naturally be to find accommodation, visit the best sights, and enjoy the world of Rome. Just overcome the first obstacle: Ciampino Airport.

The Ciampino Airport is located in the southeast of Rome and is the second airport in Rome (as the first is Fiumicino) where only low-cost companies such as Ryanair and Wizz Air land.

Distance from Ciampino Airport to Rome

Ciampino Airport is 15 kilometers away from the center of Rome.

Map of Ciampino Airport in Rome

You can view the map of Ciampino Airport at this link.

Ciampino Airport to the Center, 5 Ways

To begin with, let’s clarify that the airport is not well-connected to the city. The metro doesn’t reach Ciampino Airport, there are no municipal buses passing by every 10 minutes, and during the summer months, the number of visitors is so high that it can lead to panic. These are the 5 ways to get from Ciampino to Rome:

#1. Buses

***It is recommended to purchase tickets online a few days in advance ***

…or rather, coaches. Regrettably, you will find that there is no 24-hour bus service to and from the airport that makes stops all over Rome. There are private coaches operated by 3 companies, Terravision, Sitbus, and Schiaffini.
They go directly without intermediate stops to Termini, the central station of Rome, but some make a stop at the Vatican. In contrast to a taxi, the journey takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour. The most famous one is Terravision, which has schedules on its website. You can also book the tickets online from this link.

You can buy them online, and as soon as you arrive at Ciampino, you exit and go directly to the bus stop. There is no need to wait in line or waste more time. Rome is waiting for you!
Cost: The cost of the buses from Ciampino to Termini is €6, depending on the company.
Keep in mind that for the return journey, it’s better to buy the tickets online. If you want to take the first Terravision bus at 4:30 in the morning, be aware that it is highly… in demand as it is the only one going to the airport at that time, so if you don’t want to be left with your luggage in hand (as it has happened to me), book the tickets in advance!

#2. Taxi

The best and fastest option. You can reach the center in 20-30 minutes.
Cost: The official cost for a taxi ride from the airport to the center of Rome is €31. Specifically, it’s €31 within the city walls (Mura Aureliane), also €31 to Ostiense station, but €36 to Tiburtina station. If you want to take a taxi from Ciampino Airport to Fiumicino Airport, it’s €52. All of these costs are regardless of the number of people and luggage. This means that if there are 3 people and you want to go to Termini, it should cost you €31. However, what happens in reality is that most taxi drivers take advantage of tourists and charge double or more. I’ve heard countless cases. So, agree on the cost of the ride in advance and don’t accept being taken for a ride!

#3. Regular Bus (ATRAL) and Metro

If there is chaos and people are pushing to get on the buses, and they all depart full, and you haven’t had the foresight to buy a ticket in advance, there is a regular municipal bus that goes to the orange metro line station, Anagnina. The above station is also the starting point, so it’s not very close, and the schedules of this bus are not as frequent. Note that this bus takes about 20 minutes to reach the metro line and the metro from there to Termini takes another 20-25 minutes.

You can find the schedules of the trains from Ciampino to Termini on the trenitalia website.
Cost: The bus costs €1.20, and the train costs €1.50.

#4. Regular Bus (ATAC) and Train

Taking the bus mentioned above, you will see that after 5 minutes, it stops at Ciampino train station. From there, several trains depart quite frequently (about every 15 minutes) and take 20 minutes to reach Termini. The train schedules from Ciampino to Termini can be found on the trenitalia website.
Cost: The bus is €1.20, and the train is €1.50.

#5. Bus 720 – An Example

On the website of Atac (the bus company of Rome), you can find information about bus 720. From the airport, it takes you to bus line 7. If you get on this bus, you can change to bus/night bus 14 or 360 and reach the center.
Cost: The bus costs €1.20.

What You Should Know About Ciampino

…because they don’t tell you.
***Ciampino Airport closes from midnight to 4:30 a.m.***
A lot of people arrive from places where there are low-cost flights that arrive at any time of day. If you’re one of those, keep in mind that once you arrive in Rome, you can’t sleep at the airport or use the toilets because the airport closes, and you can’t enter.
The best option is to take the bus, but it depends on the time you arrive and if you find an available one. I’ve heard of some cases where passengers have spent the night at the airport and others who haven’t been able to.
******It is highly recommended to check the timetables so you won’t get surprised.***
In any case, the best option is to sleep well on the plane, and once you arrive, your adventures in Rome will begin.

Have a Great Trip to Rome!

The difficulties to and from Ciampino Airport shouldn’t discourage you. The city of Rome is waiting for you with open arms. By now, you know everything you need, and you won’t be caught off guard. We wish you a great trip and hope that our information has helped you.

Have fun in Rome!

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