Discover Paradise: Comino Island and the Enchanting Blue Lagoon in Malta

Are you planning a vacation to Malta? As you explore this captivating Mediterranean gem, be sure to include some must-visit destinations like the historic city of Valletta, the awe-inspiring ancient temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, and the charming fishing village of Marsaxlokk. And let’s not forget the enchanting attractions of Mdina, the medieval walled city, and Popeye’s Village, a delightful village set as a film set. However, amidst all the wonders, you’ll soon find yourself contemplating whether a visit to the third gem of Malta, Comino Island, is truly worth the experience.


Quick Facts about Comino:

  • Comino is a tiny island, spanning less than 3.5 km², nestled between Malta and Gozo
  • It’s nearly uninhabited, with only 3 official residents.
  • Visiting Comino is a perfect day trip, ideal for beach lovers and great for hiking during autumn or spring.
  • The island’s fame comes from the spectacular Blue Lagoon, a beach with turquoise waters that transport you to the Maldives!
  • Additionally, you’ll find Cominotto, an even smaller uninhabited islet that can be reached by swimming from Comino.
  • Brace yourself for tourist crowds, as Comino is one of Malta’s top attractions.
  • Shade is scarce, and there are no trees, so don’t forget to bring a hat, or if you arrive early, consider renting an umbrella and sunbed. Fear not, though, as there are kiosks providing food and refreshments to keep you energized and refreshed


Located in the northern region of Malta, Comino can be reached by taking one of the numerous boats departing from various locations on the island. The most recommended option is to travel to the northern part of Malta via bus, taxi, or car, and from there, hop on a boat to Comino. Here are some suggested choices:

Here you can find more options:

Boats also depart from Sliema, but it will take much longer to reach Comino. I did it once, and I don’t recommend it; the journey seemed endless! If you decide to do it, along the Sliema promenade, especially in front of Zara, you will find many kiosks from various companies selling tickets. If you decide to go, try to get the tickets the previous day or early in the morning. I once went around 9:30, and of course, everything was fully booked!

comino malta

The prices for all the aforementioned cruises are more or less the same, but if you are looking for something more economical, there is also the option of the classic ferry from the Cirkewwa harbor. The positives: it costs only 13 euros and takes less than half an hour to reach Comino. The negatives: if you want to get to Cirkewwa by bus, it can be a hassle because it’s quite far, and if you go by car, you may struggle to find parking (unless you go early).

Comino Island and the captivating Blue Lagoon await your exploration, promising a paradise-like experience that will leave you with cherished memories of Malta’s natural wonders. So pack your bags and immerse yourself in the magical allure of this Mediterranean gem!

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