Marsaxlokk: why visit this traditional fishing village in Malta

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Marsaxlokk is a tiny but beautiful and traditional village in the south-eastern part of Malta that you must visit. You may have heard it before, due to its famous Sunday Market but to be honest with you, I found the market quite disappointing.

I highly recommend though to visit Marsaxlokk and to have a relaxing Sunday lunch and watch the colorful “eyed” painted boats.

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Once again, the easiest and fastest way to get to Marsaxlokk is by car. You can hire a car, you can take a taxi or take the not so fast-and-efficient bus.

The bus 81 and 85 frequently run from Valetta but since most locals and tourists visit this village on Sundays and since Sundays buses have a less frequent schedule be prepared to be squeezed!

A good idea is to get one of these hop-on-hop-off buses. If you are done with Marsaxlokk you can continue to Dingli cliffs!


1. Explore the village

You can start walking at the promenade, take some photos so you can remember your trip! You can stop and stare, or even visit the Church “Our Lady of Pompei” a Roman Catholic parish church in the center of the village.

Then notice the colorful traditional boats called “Luzzu”. It’s a tourist attraction and the locals know this: that’s why they paint them by hand, protect them during the winter from the bad weather, etc. The Luzzu boats are one of Malta’s national symbols: they have blue, red and yellow colors and the Eyes of Osiris to protect them from the bad spirits.

luzzu maltese boat

Keep in mind that this bay is Malta’s second natural harbor. The waters are calm, and even if you go during the winter, you will rarely see big waves. It looks more than a lake!


2. Visit the Sunday Fish Market

The second best thing to do in Marsaxlokk is to visit the fish market. The fish market is another attraction of this traditional Maltese village.

To be honest, I didn’t like it at all. If you come from any Mediterranean country you are using to this kind of open markets, where your family probably is still buying groceries every week. So it’s not an attraction for me, but just a normal, simple thing.


During the last years, these markets all over Europe are losing their traditional character. You find more Chinese cheap stuff rather than local products.

You can still though buy some local sweets like for example this Ghazel honey ring that I took and eat it by the sea. For me, the best thing to do in Marsaxlokk is to go get some seafood!

3. Try the Maltese cuisine

Many Maltese come here on Sundays so it can be overcrowded even in winter. When I went to Marsaxlokk, we didn’t have made any reservations, so we were entering one restaurant after another to have the same reply: “We don’t have any free tables.”

Marsaxlokk is known for its seafood dishes, such as fish soup, fried calamari, and octopus stew.

Please take my advice and book a table in advance!

4. Visit St. Peter’s Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is a natural swimming pool located near Marsaxlokk. The pool is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, and it’s easy to see why! With its crystal-clear water and stunning surroundings, St. Peter’s Pool is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Malta’s coastline.

The pool is surrounded by rocky cliffs that provide a natural shelter from the wind, and the water is deep enough for diving and snorkeling.

It’s important to note that St. Peter’s Pool is not suitable for young children or inexperienced swimmers. The water can be quite deep, and there are no lifeguards on duty. Visitors should also be careful when jumping from the cliffs and should always check the depth of the water before jumping.

Overall, a visit to St. Peter’s Pool is a must-do activity when in Malta, especially for those who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and cliff jumping. With its natural beauty and crystal-clear water, St. Peter’s Pool is a true hidden gem on the island of Malta.

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