Porta Portese: Rome’s best vintage flea market

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Not everybody will be happy with a visit to Porta Portese. If it’s your first time in Rome, you will probably visit the famous Colosseum, the Vatican, and Fontana di Trevi. You probably will not be interested in visiting a flea market, and I totally get it.

Man buying vintage paintings at Porta Portese

I believe though that this open market is a must-see in Rome for many reasons. First of all, it is one of the most famous flea markets in Europe.

They say that here you can find EVERYTHING, from pills to Jumbo Jets… and I think it’s true!

Offers at Porta Portese flea market in Rome


You can find many second-hand clothes here—famous designer brands, great vintage finds, simply second-hand clothes from brands like Zara and H&M. I swear that I bought a pair of jeans for just 0.50€ and a skirt for 1€! If you really don’t like second hand-clothes, at Porta Portese you can also find new ones, mainly made in China. You can also find leather bags and shoes.

You can also buy coats, jackets, underwear, kitchen stuff, sheets, batteries… anything you want.

Second hand books at Porta Portese

There are lots of books here as well. The majority are in Italian but if you search carefully you will find English books.

The best thing, though, is the vintage stuff: along with vintage clothes, you can find hats, antiques, paintings, vinyl, Olivetti typewriters, things that you cannot find in other countries. It looks like you can find plenty from the Italian romantic decades, the 60s and the 70s, here.

Second hand stuff at Porta Portese, a flee market in Rome

Porta Portese is really huge. If you get away from the main road you can find some “different” sellers. They actually sell stolen stuff. Do you want an iPhone? A Rolex? A PlayStation? Just get up early and come here. I even found face creams and Dior lipsticks. Wow.

Various things at Porta Portese in Rome

If you get hungry you eat a sandwich with “porchetta” or have some cheese and prosciutto.

Don’t forget to bargain: like in any flea market, all the vendors are expecting you to bargain!


Old vintage phone spotted at Porte Portese flea market

Rome’s best flea market is held every Sunday from 06:00 to 13.00. It’s best to go early!


Man relaxing at a sofa at Porta Portese flea market

The most famous open market in Rome is located at via di Porta Portese.

You can catch the bus 23, 280 and 170, but the easiest way to get there is to take the metro and get off at Piramide metro station. From Piramide it’s just a 15-minute walk. You can follow the crowd or just ask a local. Everyone knows where to find Rome’s best flea market.


Rome's best flea market


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