Italy national holidays 2024

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National holidays are a pretty important detail for anyone living or planning a trip to Italy. During these public holidays, important events are planned in various cities that should not be missed and there are a lot of changes in public transportation. Sometimes bus and trains change their schedule and many museums remain closed.

Here are the most important National Holidays in Italy for 2024 so you can organize your trip

1st of January 2024 – New Year’s Day (Monday)

6th of January 2024 – Epiphany (Saturday)

9th of April 2024 – Easter Sunday (Sunday)

10th of April 2024 – Easter Monday (Monday)

25th of April 2024 – Liberation Day (Thursday)

1st of May 2024 – International Worker’s Day (Wednesday)

2nd of June 2024 – Republic day (Sunday)

15th of August 2024 – Republic Day (Thursday)

1st of November 2024 – All Saints Day (Friday)

8th of December 2024 – Assumption Day (Sunday)

25th of December 2024 – Christmas (Wednesday)

26th of  December 2024 – St. Stephen’s Day (Thursday)

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There are also other national holidays in Italy that are connected to the Saint of each city.

  • Florence/Turin/Genoa: 24th of June – Feast of St. John
  • Milan: 7th of December – Feast of St. Ambrose
  • Siena: 2nd and 16th of July – when the Palio is held
  • Venice: 25th of April – Feast of St. Marcus
  • Bologna: 4th of October – Feast of St. Petronius
  • Naples: 19th of September – Feast of St. Januarius
  • Bari: 6th of December – Feast of St. Nicholas
  • Palermo: 15th of July – Feast of St. Rosalia
  • Rome: 29th of June – Feast of St. Peter
  • Trieste: 3rd of November – Feast of St. Giusto


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