Roman Markets: the beautiful Campo Dei Fiori

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One of my favorite squares in Rome is the unique Campo Dei Fiori.

During the day, the square becomes an “open market,” and in the evening, it turns into a meeting point for food and drinks.

Campo Dei Fiori Square in Rome

I would say that for us Greeks, open markets are not something unique, especially the local ones are part of our tradition! But for foreigners, I think it’s something special to be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables without necessarily having to go to the supermarket.

It is surrounded by many cafes and restaurants, but many choose to simply grab a beer and sit under the statue of Giordano Bruno.


Flowers in Campo Dei Fiori Square in RomeA little history about the famous square in Rome: it was inaugurated in 1456 in a place that, as the name suggests, used to be a meadow with flowers (Fiori in Italian means flowers). Famous buildings and many important personalities of the area were built around it. Many small shops were opened by artisans who sold their goods.

The square may look beautiful and colorful now, but the truth is that it has a rather… chilling past!

For many centuries, public executions and tortures took place in this square. Dozens of people lost their lives, including the philosopher Giordano Bruno (which is why his statue is in the middle of the square). Unfortunately, like many others, he was charged as a heretic by the church since he supported Copernicus’ theory and argued, contrary to the church’s beliefs, that the universe is infinite.

Statue in Campo Dei Fiori Square in Rome

There are beautiful small alleys around that still bear the names of the artisans: via dei Baullari, Via dei Cappellari, or Via dei Giubbonari, where, personally, I like to buy shoes. You can read about the shopping I recommend in Rome here.

Via dei Cappellari Street in Rome Flowers in Via dei CappellariYou can buy various souvenirs from the square, such as colorful macarons, unique liqueurs, and various Italian cheeses.

Liqueurs as souvenirs in Campo Dei Fiori Square in Rome

And as I said before… various fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables at the Campo Dei Fiori market


While the square is surrounded by countless restaurants, unfortunately, most of them are touristy, and the food is mediocre at best. If you want something budget-friendly and good, head to Via dei Cappellari.

Corner dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Campo Dei Fiori

If you see the above, you’re on the right track. Keep going, and at some point, you will see a small hidden shop that makes sandwiches.

Prosciutto in a cheap restaurant in Rome

It’s called “MyAle,” and even though it’s small with few seats, I always find a place to sit. The staff is friendly, the ingredients are fresh, and their prosciutto is divine.

Italian sandwich in Rome

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