Fontana di Trevi: The Enchanted Fountain of Rome

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Who hasn’t heard of Italy’s most famous fountain and the iconic symbol of Rome, Fontana di Trevi? Nestled in the heart of Rome, this iconic fountain has captivated the imagination of visitors for centuries. Its inspired architecture and the mythical charm of the Trevi Fountain attract over 10 million visitors every year! It is considered, and not without reason, the most beautiful fountain in the world.

The History of Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

Trevi Fountain

The history of Fontana di Trevi begins in the 18th century. Italian architect Nicola Salvi began designing the project in 1732, but the work was interrupted after his death in 1751 and progressed slowly. The final touches and completion of the fountain were carried out by Italian architect Giuseppe Pannini in 1762.

Fontana di Trevi is a masterpiece of architecture and sculpture. The central theme of the fountain is Neptune, the god of the sea. Neptune is depicted riding a chariot pulled by horses and sea creatures, while sea horses are on his side. Sculpted figures of tritons, nymphs, and other mythical beings surround Neptune, creating a spectacular work of art.

It is believed that the grand fountain takes its name from “trivium,” meaning “meeting of three roads,” referring to the square where the fountain is located. Another theory is that it comes from the three water sources in the fountain.

Wishes at Fontana di Trevi and Money

Fontana di Trevi has become a symbol of Rome and is one of the world’s most beloved landmarks.

It’s almost mandatory that if you come to Rome, you throw a coin (or more) into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish to return to Rome.

How do you throw the coin? You must turn your back to the fountain and throw it over your shoulder!

If you want to fall in love with an Italian, you have to throw 2 coins.

If you want to get married – 3 coins.

The architectural magnificence of Fontana di Trevi is truly a breathtaking sight. You are likely to get lost in the narrow streets as you search for it, and suddenly, the grand fountain and the enchanting sound of the waters emerge after a turn.

If you’re wondering what happens to all the money and coins thrown into the fountain, know that at least one million euros are collected each year. The average value of the coins is 10 cents. The money is collected for a good cause and supports the poor in Rome.

Restaurants near Fontana di Trevi

Some restaurants located near the fountain include:

  • Il Chianti Vineria, specializing in Tuscan cuisine.
  • Piccolo Buco, known for pasta and pizza.
  • Mangia e Trevi, a classic Italian restaurant.

The area is very central and offers a plethora of restaurants. Some are purely touristy with low quality and high prices, but in general, the restaurantsare much better than those around the Colosseum.

Hotels near Fontana di Trevi

The area is perfect for staying. There are many hotels to suit every budget, and they are centrally located, safe, and much better than those near Termini.


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